This rainbow nail art is allll pride 24/7, 365 in daring brights and pastels.


Step by Step

  1. Step 1

    Before You Begin: Complete OPI Nail Lacquer Prep Step by Steps. Apply one coat of Natural Nail Base Coat. Allow to dry.

    smtr-na rock-your-rainbow-tip-con-1-128x184
  2. Step 2

    Using Big Apple Red, create a french smile line.

    smtr-na rock-your-rainbow-tip-con-2-128x184
  3. Step 3

    Using a detail brush and Nail Lacquer Big Apple Red, create a swoosh of color down one side of the nail and fill in. Allow to dry.

    smtr-na rock-your-rainbow-tip-con-3-128x184
  4. Step 4

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the remaining nails with Nail Lacquer colors This is Hue I Am, Say It Loud, Born This Slay, and Purple With a Purpose.

    smtr-na rock-your-rainbow-tip-con-4-128x184
  5. Step 5

    Apply a coat of Nail Lacquer Top Coat. Allow to Dry. Apply ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil to each nail and massage in.

Video Tutorial

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Summer Make the Rules Nail Art

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