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Professional Nail Tips

Our pros are giving off big tip energy... nail tips that is. Learn tips and tricks for different systems, tools, and more from the best in the biz.

OPI Product Usage

Need a Refresher Course?

Mani systems, mani tips and tricks. Browse our courses on different systems to master product usage.


Nail Treatments

Learn how strengthen and treat weak, damaged nails big time


Nail Lacquer

Everything you need to know from proper prep to removing glitter effortlessly.


Infinite Shine

Nail the ins and outs of this glossssy gel-like system, from application to removal.


Gel Nail Polish

All the steps for mastering application, removal, and our special effect formulas.


Dipping Powder

Dip into class for tutorials on how to apply, remove, and transform dip powder into works of art.

Beyond Tip-ical Tips