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Amazon Belgium ( Launches with Affiliate Program

Update 12/20/22: We have received PA API access for, which means that we will now automatically localize and affiliate any Amazon links to or from the Amazon Belgium storefront! See below for more details .

It has been just over a year since we last saw a new Amazon storefront released into the wild. The last storefront to be introduced was Amazon Egypt back in September of 2021,  which was preceded by Poland in March of 2021.

However, on October 18th, 2022 Amazon yet again took another step toward domination of the European market by launching a new storefront in Belgium alongside a brand new Amazon Associates Program . This brings the total number of Amazon storefronts up to 22, along with 20 public (and 2 private) affiliate programs.

Amazon Belgium (

Being directly between two other major Amazon storefronts ( and, Belgium has always been a difficult country to determine which storefront the majority of shoppers prefer to purchase from, so this change will be a very welcome change! Many shoppers preferred to shop in the Amazon France Storefront, while many others preferred Amazon Germany due to its larger catalog and broader product offering.

However, with the introduction of this new storefront offering over 180 million products across more than 30 different categories, Belgium residents are able to more easily and quickly purchase the products they love. Additionally, with the ability to create a Prime account, and having the site offered in French, Dutch or English languages, this makes the shopping experience even more seamless for Belgium’s diverse population.

This storefront appears to offer many of the same great products that we have all come to expect when visiting Amazon, from books and electronics to apparel and outdoor gear should have something for everyone. However, interestingly it does not appear to offer any Kindle ebooks upon release as many of the other storefronts do.

Alongside all of these globally popular products and brands, Amazon has also introduced a new section dedicated to “ Brands of Belgium ” which features various different local brands and products from around the country. This seems to coincide with Amazon’s push to allow smaller brands and creators to be able to feature their own unique goods without getting lost in the noise of the larger more established brands.

Amazon Affiliate Program for

The newest member of the Amazon Associates program appears to be nearly identical to every other program introduced in recent years. In fact, it appears that this program is actually built right on top of the Amazon France Associates program, as we were prompted to simply sign up using the “same email address as the Associates Club for France.” This should make earning commissions from this new program even easier if you have already created an account for Amazon France.

However, even if you haven’t already created an Amazon France Associates account it appears that you can easily still sign up for the Amazon Belgium program at , or by selecting Belgium from the list of supported programs on the main Associates login page.

The process for signing up appears to be the same as every other Associates program, requiring the same four-step process of providing basic account information, listing the sites and social channels you plan to share links from, providing some information about your profile (site/channel size, focus topics, traffic generation methods, etc.), and finally assigning you with a unique Affiliate Store ID that will be used to identify you in order to earn commissions.

The same rules also apply to this program, requiring you to generate three “qualified” sales within 180 days, and ensure that your links are in line with the Amazon Operating Agreement.

Finally, the Commission Rates for the Amazon Belgium program appear to follow many of the other EU countries where Direct Qualifying Purchases may yield a higher commission rate than other Indirect Qualifying Purchases. Simply put, this means that if you refer someone directly to a product page and they purchase a product within that same product category, you may receive a higher commission than if you refer someone to a search results page, and they then go on to purchase a different product in another product category. More information on this can be found on our blog that explains Direct vs Indirect Qualifying Purchases .

As for the commission rates themselves, these appear to all be fairly standard as of the release of this program on 10/18/22. The exact rates and information on what qualifies for these commissions can be found here:

Product Advertising API Support

The Amazon Belgium storefront does appear to allow access to the product catalog through Amazon’s Product Advertising API. However, at the time of this writing, we do not currently have access within our own account, and cannot provide any further details on what the product catalog looks like. We are working with the Amazon Associates team in order to get access to this so that we can add Belgium to our growing number of storefronts that we offer our patented Link Localization technology for. We will update this blog once this is enabled!

Amazon OneLink Support for Belgium

As of the writing of this blog, Amazon does not appear to have released OneLink support for the Amazon Belgium storefront, which means that your links will not be localized for any international traffic. Additionally, no clicks will be localized to the storefront if someone from Belgium were to click on your links. We will keep an eye out for any changes with this, but we hope to have this functionality added to Geniuslink shortly, so stay tuned!

Geniuslink Support for Amazon Belgium

Amazon has recently given us access to their PA API for the Associates program, which means that we can now automatically localize and affiliate all clicks to or from Belgium.

To get started, all you will need to do is simply select Amazon Belgium from the list of supported affiliate programs inside of your Geniuslink Dashboard, paste in your Belgium Associates ID, and click save!

We will take care of the rest, and ensure that any clicks to your links will be automatically affiliated and localized so your customers are sent to the correct destination, and you receive credit for any purchases made.