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Hanne Korsholm




Hanne Korsholm Mortensen, the oldest daughter of Jananda, lives North of Copenhagen in Farum, Denmark with her husband and three lovely children. She has always felt a deep connection with the spiritual world. Hanne works with healing, massage, channeling and other modalities. She is inspired by many loving Master Teachers such as The Christ/Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, Lady Mary, Master Kuhtumi and the Star people.

Carrying on her father's tradition, Hanne is now available for readings by phone. Please contact her at hanne@korsholmhealing.dk

She will then contact you back by e-mail with a time and date so that she can arrange a phone appointment. Hanne will call you from her home in Denmark on the day of your reading.

Channeled Through Hanne, November 5th, 2008,  Inspired by the Universe


Embrace the light, open upon the stars,

Let the Love from the whole Universe flow and open your heart.

Let the light that shines upon you,

Be connected with the light that you are.

Light and love from, true, and in the Universe,

Is to be held and taken care of by humankind.

We will become one in the oneness that we are.


Channeled Through Hanne, December 31st, 2007, From Sananda Christ


The Journey

The Journey of the sun and moon in the sky,

The journey of mankind on Earth in love, in the heart,

When the wind is blowing on our fragile mind,

So beautiful, so peacefully, so carefully,

We let the wind touch our chin with love from the Universe,

From the Eternal Spirit, the Spirit we are all part of,

Slowly, in a soft gentle stream, we build up our lives, our souls,

So we once again become a part of our divine God.


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