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About Jananda



Jananda was born in Denmark in 1933. He had a near death experience at the age of seven years old when he was struck by lightning.

In his thirties, a severe back injury began ten years of pain that several major operations and the best efforts of modern medicine could not cure. This "cosmic wake up call" forced him to find alternate healing methods. The dramatic appearance of his spiritual guidance in 1969 set him on the spiritual path.

Jananda developed his clairvoyant abilities at a spiritualistic church in Copenhagen. In 1981 he co-created a healing light center and developed a large following in Scandinavia.

During a meditation in 1979, a celestial being from the star system Capella appeared to Jananda. This fire being instructed him about his extra-terrestrial origins and his 18 million year assignment in this part of this universe. Ever since that day, he has been consciously working with the Intergalactic Space Brotherhood.

Jananda communicated with many different dimensional beings of the 33 galaxies who are working under the direction of the Christ Council to bring peace to this sector of the Universe. They greatly assisted him in fulfilling the healing and teaching functions of his Earth assignment.

Upon a visit from his native country Denmark to Sedona, Arizona in August of 1988, Jananda was greeted with the loving energy and words from a spirit he knew as "Father in Spirit", White Eagle. The words that were spoken to him were "Welcome home my Son." When Jananda heard and felt this vibration, he fell on his knees and cried silently inside for a long time. The words were an energy he could not resist and he knew that he had to go home and let go of everything he had in his life. This included home, friends, and family. White Eagle was very much an important presence for Jananda and influenced him until he transitioned.

Jananda's channeling resulted in founding The Church of the Golden Age, presenting workshops, distributing his inspirational talks via the church as well as writing booklets.

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